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Like an idiot, I left my Netflix queue go a little too long without managing to update the ordering of the movies. So, as a result, I get SPM2 before I get SPM1. It really doesn’t seem to matter. This movie is more funny than it is scary. Being an 80s era horror flick, there’e the theme of heavy metal music throughout. They start off with the really hot chicks watching the Roger Corman/Ramones masterpeice Rock & Roll High School (which is more punk than heavy metal), but when one of the girls suggests they turn up the TV so they can dance to one of the songs, its a decidedly new wave song we hear. WTF??? I mean, I thought it was odd that there’s dancing in R&RHS, but at least it was still in the context of the correct music.

There’s more crap like that in this movie. The killer … at least I think its the killer … does a scary song and dance number with his guitar that has a drill on the end. Only problem is that he’s breakdancing to a tune that could have been done by The Straycats. Really defies explanation, if you ask me. I used to watch videos of the Straycats and laugh. I mean sure, Setzer & the band were pretty good, but the genre was more comical than anything else. Kinda like The Romantics. Crap like that happens when the record industry runs out of ideas. Unfortunately, crap like this movie happens when the film industry runs out of ideas too. Now to debate if I really want to catch Princess Mononoke this weekend at River Oaks.